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Woodworking Plans

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1. Step-By-Step Instructions

You get detailed step-by-step instructions that make it very simple to understand and follow the steps from A to Z without ever having to “get creative” or guess what the instructions could mean.

2. Cutting & Materials List

You get exact cutting and materials list for every project. It saves time and cuts down waste. It saves money. You’ll spend more time building, less time fretting.

3. Detailed Schematics

Sharp and colourfull schematics are an additional aid to understand with ease where each piece has to go exactly. Thanks to it, customers have discribed the hardest projects like a walk in the park. The projects build themselves!

4. Suitable For Beginners & Professionals

The plans and projects in TedsWoodworking range from beginner level to master craftsman level, making it perfect for people of all levels of skill and range of equipment. This means you will not need expensive tools or a large shop to build your dream projects.

Real Customers. Real Testimonials.

What You Will Be Able To Build

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We’re in the digital age and one of the things I’m really excited about is how we deliver this program. So the way it works is you’re going to enter your credit card information on the next page. After that, you can simply download all the plans to your device. It’s kind of a membership site, but don’t worry about a monthly membership fee or anything like that. You will pay only once and that’s all you pay. There’s no additional charges, no hidden charges, no nothing like that. For a small fee I will also ship worldwide, the DVDs of all the plans and bonuses.

You’ll get access to a list of tools to build most of the projects for less than $800. You can simply get what you need for the projects you want to build at anytime. I’ll also show you ways to get lumber and materials for far less than what you pay retail.

I’ve tens of thousands of projects and designs in the database. Almost 95% of customers are able to find the plan they are looking for.

Now if you have a special or a very specific type of project in mind and you cannot locate a similar design, we can create a custom plan for you.

Here’s how it works: We release new plans every month which you will be able to download. This is part of the lifetime updates you get with your purchase. All you need to do is to send us a ticket in the member area to request for the project. Do include photos as well as the relevant details. Our workshop will take about 2 months to draft up a complete plan for you.

What`s more, you’ll get access to plans every month which were requested from other members! You’ll never run out of ideas or inspiration for your next project.


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They provide credit card clearing and payment services for tens of thousands of merchants all over the internet.

When you place your order with us, you will connect to ClickBank through a secure server, which makes it virtually impossible for a hacker to intercept your information.

And the 60 day money back guarantee is my personal promise to you. If you don’t like it for any reason, just drop me an email and I will refund you the full amount within 48 hours or less.

There will be no questions, no fineprint, no B.S.


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